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Why kids should join?

Dancing provides excellent opportunities for children of all ages. There are many different styles of dancing available starting as early as age 3. All dancing styles have many things in common. Children will learn poise; discipline, posture, grace and beauty just to name a few. Dance also teaches an appreciation of the fine arts and enhances music interpretation. Some children are not very good at what are considered traditional sports or they just may not be interested. Dance gives those children an alternative. It also enhances traditional sports by building grace, balance and control.

Dance students learn discipline, respect for themselves and others. The children develop close friendships and many studios have a family atmosphere where students in all levels and styles of dance encourage each other. Dancing also can help overcome shyness and it strengthens the body and the mind.

There are many performance opportunities. Many children love to perform. They also enjoy showing parents, family and friends what they have learned.

Finally a very good reason to start your child in a dance program is knowing where your children are and what they are doing after school.




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